New Product Evaluator Program

Deltapine® New Product Evaluator Program


As the premier cotton variety testing program, the innovative Deltapine® New Product Evaluator (NPE) Program has achieved great success since its launch in 2008.

The final stage of Deltapine variety testing, the NPE Program provides a thorough evaluation of the performance potential and geographic fit of each line before it becomes commercially available. Since its inception, the NPE Program has allowed Deltapine to bring to market cotton varieties with proven performance advantages over competitive products. And by determining the conditions under which each variety thrives, we are better able to match variety to the varying geography of the Cotton Belt.

Whether it’s dryland acres in Texas or rolling hills in the Southeast, Deltapine is working to develop the highest yielding varieties for every acre with excellent fiber quality packages. NPE candidates are tested in real farm conditions, under producers’ own growing practices, in plots large enough to make one module. And NPE farmers are your neighbors, elite producers growing crops just as you do, in the same weather and soil types you’ve been working with for years. That’s why you can trust that Deltapine varieties are tested performers before they reach the market and are planted in your fields.


The NPE Program

  • 200+ exclusive farmers across the Cotton Belt
  • Evaluating pre-commercial Deltapine® cotton varieties
  • 20 to 25 acre plots large enough for at least one module
  • Managed under unique soils, environments and management styles to demonstrate variety potential
  • Monitored throughout the season by NPE farmers and local Deltapine representatives. Farmers provide feedback on variety performance, yield results, then vote on which varieties should be commercialized


To locate an NPE farm in your area, select your region on the map below.


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