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Deltapine® PIMA varieties have been standards for quality and performance in the West for decades. Only Deltapine cotton varieties are proven to perform on New Product Evaluator (NPE) farms before they are marketed and sold for commercial planting in the West. Deltapine NPE farmers are farmers like you, who help evaluate performance of pre-commercial lines on their own farms and in their own growing conditions and systems.

Deltapine cotton offers varieties in a range of maturities for the West, each with high yield and excellent fiber quality potential.

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Dean Wells from Casa Grande, AZ on DP 0935 B2RF in 2009

I usually have two worries when planting a new variety: yield and micronaire. The average yield on our DP 0935 B2RF was 1,475 lbs/acre and the micronaire was 47.3, so I am pleased with the way it performed. It is always good to work with Deltapine on new material. They provide yield and classing information so farmers aren’t going into it blind. They are also an excellent source of information throughout the growing season.


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