Class of 12

Genuity® Bollgard II® with Roundup Ready® Flex
Class/Trait Information

The three Class of 12 cotton varieties by Deltapine® offer superior yield potential along with improved fiber quality as compared to commercial standards. All three varieties contain Genuity® Bollgard® II with Roundup Ready® Flex traits.

Genuity® Bollgard® II controls the most worm species with the least number of insecticide sprays for the highest level of protection from worm damage relative to any other worm control options.

Genuity® Roundup Ready® Flex offers herbicide application flexibility and can be sprayed from emergence up to seven days prior to harvest for better weed control.

Product Information

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*Maturity Shifts later for S. Texas or with more water or rainfall
(1) Preliminary data based on one year of Beltwide data
(2) Storm Resistance: 1 = tight boll; 9 = loose ball

Added Protection

Weed Management:  Expert academic recommendations plus incentives come together in Roundup Ready PLUS Weed Management Solutions to help protect yield potential come harvest. »

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